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Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Service | or join in here via live stream

Come See Us!

Life Lift Church is a group of regular people who want to honor our Lord Jesus Christ and encourage each other to grow in our walk with Him. If you are a first time guest, be sure to stop at our information desk right inside the front door. There is a gift bag waiting for you there! While there, you can get guidance as to what comes next and where to go.

What are your services like?

Whether it is through the music, prayer or preaching, God's word is at the center of all of our gatherings. Each service includes a time of prayer, preaching and giving. The sermons are built on God’s Word, not the pastor's ideas, and aim at transforming our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.

Where should I park?

We have parking in the front and on the left side of the building. Right at the front door, we have parking just for our guest, lucky you!

Where should I go when I enter the building?

We have greeters located at the doors who would be happy to help you find where you need to go.

Do you provide childcare?

We all gather for a period to freely praise God in the auditorium. At a designated time, children 12 and under have the opportunity to go to Children's church if you wish. Well trained professionals will care for and teach these future disciples about the Bible, God and how to live life in a God honoring way. The staff uses top quality videos, crafts and Bible stories to communicate great truths from the Bible. At Life Lift, we love children!

What should I wear?

We are more concerned about you and your presence with us than we are with what you wear. Some dress up, most wear casual. As long as you have on more than just your underwear, that is probably going to work.